Understanding the Tarabalam Chart in Telugu Astrology

May 13, 2024

Telugu astrology, also known as “Jyothisyam,” has a rich tradition and deep-rooted cultural significance in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. One of the key components of Telugu astrology is the Tarabalam Chart. This chart holds great importance in determining the auspiciousness of a particular moment for carrying out important tasks, events, or ceremonies. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of the Tarabalam Chart, how it is calculated, its significance, and its relevance in Telugu astrology.

What is Tarabalam?

In Telugu astrology, Tarabalam is a vital aspect that is considered before commencing any important activity. It is believed that the energy of the stars and planets can have a profound impact on the success or failure of a particular endeavor. Tarabalam helps in identifying the favorable and unfavorable timings for various events based on the positions of celestial bodies.

How is Tarabalam Calculated?

Tarabalam is calculated based on the Nakshatra (constellation) of the individual, the Nakshatra of the day, and the tithi (lunar day). The Tarabalam Chart is a table that lists out the compatibility of each Nakshatra with the Nakshatra of the day. This compatibility determines whether the particular moment is auspicious for carrying out a task.

Significance of Tarabalam in Telugu Astrology

  1. Auspicious Timing: Tarabalam helps in identifying the most auspicious timings for events such as weddings, engagements, housewarming ceremonies, or any other significant activities.

  2. Success Rate: It is believed that by choosing a favorable Tarabalam, the chances of success in the endeavor are significantly enhanced.

  3. Minimizing Obstacles: Opting for an auspicious Tarabalam is thought to minimize obstacles and challenges that may hinder the progress of the task.

How to Use the Tarabalam Chart

  1. Identify Nakshatra: Determine the Nakshatra of the individual for whom the event is being organized.

  2. Check Day’s Nakshatra: Find out the Nakshatra of the particular day on which the event is scheduled.

  3. Refer to Tarabalam Chart: Look at the Tarabalam Chart to see the compatibility between the individual’s Nakshatra and the day’s Nakshatra.

  4. Choose Auspicious Time: Based on the Tarabalam Chart, select a time slot when the compatibility is favorable for conducting the activity.

FAQs about Tarabalam in Telugu Astrology

  1. What is the significance of Tarabalam in Telugu astrology?

Tarabalam helps in determining the auspicious timings for various events based on the positions of celestial bodies, thus maximizing the chances of success.

  1. Can Tarabalam be used for personal activities like buying a new vehicle or starting a new job?

Yes, Tarabalam can be consulted for personal activities to ensure that the timing is favorable for success and prosperity.

  1. How accurate is Tarabalam in predicting the outcome of an event?

While it is not an exact science, Tarabalam provides guidance based on astrological principles and beliefs.

  1. Is Tarabalam only relevant for specific ceremonies or can it be used for everyday tasks as well?

Tarabalam can be used for both significant ceremonies and everyday tasks to maximize success and positivity.

  1. Is it necessary to consult an astrologer to understand Tarabalam, or can it be done personally?

While consulting an astrologer can provide more detailed insights, individuals can also refer to Tarabalam charts available online or in astrological books.

In conclusion, Tarabalam holds a significant place in Telugu astrology, guiding individuals in choosing the most auspicious timings for important events. By understanding the calculations, significance, and practical application of the Tarabalam Chart, individuals can align themselves with favorable cosmic energies and enhance the likelihood of success in their endeavors.


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