A to Z Kannada Names for Girls: Find the Perfect Name!

May 13, 2024

Are you expecting a baby girl and looking for the perfect Kannada name for her? Choosing a name for your baby is a significant decision that will stay with her for a lifetime. Kannada, one of the oldest languages in India, has a rich tradition of beautiful and meaningful names for girls. Whether you are looking for a traditional name or a modern and unique one, this guide will help you navigate through a curated list of A to Z Kannada names for girls.


  1. Aarati – Meaning “form of worship,” this is a popular name for girls in Karnataka.
  2. Amulya – Denoting “invaluable” or “priceless,” this name reflects the worth of your little one.
  3. Ananya – Signifying “unique” or “matchless,” this name has gained popularity in recent years.


  1. Bhavana – Meaning “sentiments” or “emotions,” this name conveys the depth of feelings.
  2. Bhumi – Denoting “earth,” this name symbolizes a connection to nature and groundedness.
  3. Bhanupriya – With “beloved of the sun” as its meaning, this name is unique and charming.


  1. Chaitra – This name is associated with the first month of the Hindu lunar calendar, symbolizing new beginnings.
  2. Chandana – Meaning “sandalwood,” this name carries a fragrance of traditional significance.
  3. Charitha – Denoting “history” or “narrative,” this name implies a story waiting to unfold.


  1. Deepika – Commonly known for the actress Deepika Padukone, this name means “a little light.”
  2. Dharani – Signifying “the earth” or “nature,” this name embodies strength and stability.
  3. Divya – A popular name meaning “divine” or “heavenly,” reflecting purity and grace.


  1. Esha – Denoting “desire” or “wish,” this name signifies aspirations and dreams.
  2. Eshwari – Meaning “goddess,” this name symbolizes strength, power, and divinity.
  3. Elakshi – With “woman with bright eyes” as its meaning, this name celebrates beauty.


  1. Falguni – Associated with the Hindu month of “Falgun,” this name represents the arrival of spring.
  2. Fulki – Meaning “spark” or “flame,” this name signifies energy and brightness.
  3. Fareeda – Denoting “unique” or “precious,” this name reflects individuality and value.


  1. Gauri – A traditional name meaning “fair” or “white,” symbolizing purity and innocence.
  2. Ganga – Named after the sacred river Ganges, this name holds deep cultural significance.
  3. Grishma – Denoting “summer,” this name celebrates warmth and brightness.


  1. Harini – Meaning “deer,” this name is often associated with grace, agility, and beauty.
  2. Hamsini – Derived from “Hamsa,” meaning “swan,” this name signifies elegance and purity.
  3. Hima – Denoting “snow,” this name brings a sense of coolness and tranquility.


  1. Ishita – Meaning “desired” or “auspicious,” this name represents all things positive.
  2. Indira – A name of Sanskrit origin meaning “beauty” or “splendid,” symbolizing radiance.
  3. Inchara – With “sweet sound” as its meaning, this name reflects melodiousness.


  1. Jyothi – Commonly used in South India, this name means “light” or “radiance.”
  2. Janani – Denoting “mother,” this name celebrates the nurturing and caring nature of women.
  3. Jeevitha – Meaning “life,” this name signifies vitality and existence.


  1. Kavya – A popular name meaning “poetry” or “literature,” symbolizing creativity.
  2. Kala – Denoting “art” or “talent,” this name celebrates artistic abilities and skills.
  3. Kiran – With “ray of light” as its meaning, this name brings warmth and brightness.


  1. Lakshmi – Named after the goddess of wealth and prosperity, this name symbolizes good fortune.
  2. Lasya – Meaning “graceful” or “pleasant,” this name signifies beauty in motion.
  3. Lavanya – Denoting “grace” or “beauty,” this name celebrates elegance and charm.


  1. Madhavi – Associated with the Madhavi creeper, this name signifies beauty and grace.
  2. Manasa – Derived from “mind” or “thought,” this name represents intellect and consciousness.
  3. Maya – Meaning “illusion” or “enchantment,” this name carries a mystical appeal.


  1. Nandini – Denoting “joyful” or “delightful,” this name symbolizes happiness and contentment.
  2. Nithya – Meaning “eternal” or “constant,” this name signifies permanence and continuity.
  3. Navika – With “new” as its meaning, this name represents fresh beginnings.


  1. Oviya – A modern name meaning “artist” or “beautiful drawing,” symbolizing creativity.
  2. Oorja – Denoting “energy” or “vitality,” this name signifies strength and power.
  3. Ojaswini – With “lustrous” as its meaning, this name celebrates radiance and brightness.


  1. Pooja – Commonly known as a ritual of worship, this name signifies devotion and reverence.
  2. Prarthana – Meaning “prayer” or “supplication,” this name reflects spiritual depth.
  3. Pavani – Denoting “holy” or “pure,” this name symbolizes cleanliness and sanctity.


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  1. Radha – Named after Lord Krishna’s beloved, this name symbolizes love and devotion.
  2. Rashmi – Meaning “ray of light,” this name signifies brightness and brilliance.
  3. Roopa – Denoting “form” or “appearance,” this name celebrates beauty and aesthetics.


  1. Shreya – A popular name meaning “auspicious” or “fortunate,” symbolizing positivity.
  2. Sneha – Denoting “affection” or “love,” this name represents warmth and care.
  3. Sadhana – With “achievement” as its meaning, this name signifies dedication and effort.


  1. Tanvi – Meaning “beautiful,” this name celebrates beauty and grace.
  2. Tejaswini – Denoting “radiant” or “bright,” this name signifies luminosity and energy.
  3. Trisha – With “desire” or “thirst” as its meaning, this name reflects aspirations.


  1. Uma – Named after the goddess Parvati, this name signifies beauty and power.
  2. Urvashi – Denoting “the most beautiful Apsara,” this name symbolizes grace and charm.
  3. Umaima – Meaning “little mother” or “leader,” this name represents nurturing qualities.


  1. Vidya – Commonly associated with knowledge and learning, this name signifies wisdom.
  2. Varsha – Denoting “rain,” this name celebrates abundance and fertility.
  3. Vandana – With “prayer” or “worship” as its meaning, this name reflects devotion.


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  1. Yamini – Meaning “night” or “nocturnal,” this name signifies darkness and mystery.
  2. Yashaswini – Denoting “renowned” or “fame,” this name signifies popularity and acclaim.
  3. Yamuna – Named after the sacred river, this name symbolizes purity and sanctity.


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From traditional and meaningful names like Amulya and Charitha to modern and trendy names like Kiran and Oviya, the world of Kannada names for girls offers a diverse range of options to choose from. Whether you prefer names inspired by nature, mythology, virtues, or aesthetics, there is a name that perfectly suits your little princess.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What are some common themes found in Kannada names for girls?

A1: Kannada names for girls often revolve around nature (like Bhumi – earth), spirituality (like Lakshmi – goddess of wealth), and virtues (like Shreya – auspicious).

Q2: Are there any unique or rare Kannada names worth considering?

A2: Yes, names like Elakshi (woman with bright eyes) and Fareeda (unique or precious) are examples of unique and rare Kannada names.

Q3: How do I ensure the chosen Kannada name has a positive meaning?

A3: You can consult with native Kannada speakers, research the meaning and origin of the name, and ensure it aligns with your cultural values.

Q4: Can I choose a modern Kannada name for my baby girl?

A4: Absolutely! Modern Kannada names such as Oviya (artist) and Navika (new) offer a fresh and trendy option for parents.

Q5: Are there any gender-neutral Kannada names available?

A5: While most Kannada names are gender-specific, some names like Kiran (ray of light) can be used for both boys and girls.

Q6: How can I honor my Kannada heritage while choosing a name for my daughter?

A6: You can opt for names with deep cultural or mythological significance, such as Ganga (sacred river) or Bhavana (sentiments).

Q7: Are there any guidelines for pronouncing Kannada names correctly?

A7: It’s essential to understand the phonetics of the Kannada language to pronounce names accurately. Consulting with native speakers can also help.

Q8: Can I combine two Kannada names to create a unique name for my daughter?

A8: Yes, combining elements from two Kannada names can result in a beautiful and unique name that holds special meaning for your family.

Q9: Do traditional Kannada names have specific rituals or ceremonies associated with them?

A9: While there may not be specific ceremonies, naming ceremonies (such as Namakaran) hold cultural significance in Kannada tradition.

Q10: How can I ensure that the Kannada name I choose will be well-received by my family and community?

A10: By explaining the meaning and significance of the chosen name, showcasing its cultural relevance, and expressing your connection to it, you can help garner acceptance and appreciation for the name.

In conclusion, choosing a Kannada name for your baby girl is a special journey that connects you to your roots and heritage. Whether you opt for a traditional name steeped in history or a modern name reflecting contemporary trends, the essence of the name you choose will resonate throughout your daughter’s life, shaping her identity and character. Embrace the beauty of Kannada names and embark on this meaningful decision with love and thoughtfulness.


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