Top 8 Strategies to Reduce the size of PDF files in 2021

August 17, 2022

“My PDF file is large. Is there any way to reduce PDF size? “

“Are there any other ways to reduce PDF file size except for compressing PDFs? “

In general, PDF files include a lot of images or graphics and thus causing the file size bigger. This causes problems like when we have to send PDFs via email, but it is limited by a size limitation, or our devices don’t contain enough space for storage. To solve this issue, we have to cut down on the size of PDF files.

So , in this article there are eight strategies that can aid you in reducing the size of your PDF without losing quality. After reading this blog, you’ll be able to reduce the size of PDF with So, follow my instructions and look.

1. The Best Method to Reduce Size of PDF on All Devices – EasePDF

Anyone who has to work with PDF on the course of their work may have to work with PDF files at all times across any device. This is why the first step will provide the most efficient method to minimize the size of PDF files on all devices, including smartphones and desktops. The only tool you require is EasePDF.

EasePDF is an online PDF manager providing more than 30 tools that allow users to convert, edit, manage and protect PDFs. Naturally, it has an ” Compress PDF” function to assist users reduce the size of PDFs. By analyzing the data from a variety of angles and you’ll know what EasePDF is and why it is the most effective option to decrease the size of your PDF without sacrificing quality.

Specifications in EasePDF online PDF compressor

  • Chooseable compression levels – EasePDF offers a range of compression levels from 1-10 that users can choose to compress PDF files by preference.
  • The batch compression When you upload multiple PDF files to EasePDF and it will then process the tasks in one go to improve effectiveness.
  • A smooth experience Smooth performance EasePDF incorporates advanced technology that ensures speedy and smooth PDF processing speed.
  • smart compression Smart compression EasePDF also uses sophisticated compression techniques to ensure that the quality of PDFs are maintained at the highest level without any quality loss.
  • Secure mode Utilizing the 256-bit SSL encryption and automatic deletion, EasePDF will make sure that your uploaded files are safe.

How to reduce the size of a PDF with EasePDF

Follow this short guide to learn how to reduce the size of PDF manually using EasePDF’s online PDF compressor, which is available on any device.

Step 1. Turn to EasePDF’s top navigation bar and then you’ll be able to select into the “All PDF Tools” menu to select “Compress PDF” from the drop-down menu.

STEP 2. Hit the “Add File” icon to upload an PDF file that you require to shrink its size on your device.

Step 3. When the PDF has been uploaded, choose an appropriate compression level. EasePDF offers levels 1 through 10, which you can choose. After you’ve made your decision then click”Recompress” and click on the “Compress PDF” icon and EasePDF will begin processing the compression process for you.

Step 4. Just wait for minutes and the compressed PDF will be ready. Then, just click”Download” “Download” icon, and the PDF file that is smaller in size will be downloaded to your device immediately.

2. Other online tools to reduce the size of PDF files with ease

In addition to the PDF compressor that is available through EasePDF There are other options on the internet that provide efficient tools for reducing PDF file size with ease. There are two additional backup platforms that offer online PDF file size reduction tools that we recommend to you.

#1. iLovePDF

iLovePDF is also a simple online compressor, allowing users to reduce the size of PDFs manually with no any hassle. The user-friendly interface and simple compression procedure make it ideal for professionals and novices who want to learn how to make use of. By connecting the file into the compressor, choose the appropriate mode which iLovePDF can swiftly complete the compression.

#2. Smallpdf

Another option online to cut down on the size of PDF files is the online compressor offered from Smallpdf. Smallpdf is an online multi-functional PDF tools provider, offering an incredibly powerful, yet simple-to-understand feature to users who want to convert, edit or arrange PDF files with ease. With a user-friendly interface and clear instructions users will be able to learn to use the tool to manage their pdf to jpg documents.

3. Desktop Software to Reduce Size of PDF

Even with the online options, some people may want to reduce the dimensions of offline PDF by using the aid by desktop-based software. There are a variety of benefits offered by these programs:

  • Stable performance;
  • Additional PDF editing and organizing tools are provided;
  • Offline PDF editing is accessible.

This is why we would be a good opportunity to introduce two desktop programs that can be used to decrease PDF size on desktops, too.

#1. Adobe Acrobat

If you’re an experienced user, you should be aware of Adobe Acrobat, the best Adobe Acrobat PDF editing software on your desktops to manage, convert and modify PDFs. It provides a highly efficient method of reducing the size of PDFs while preserving the document.

#2. Cisdem PDF Compressor

Cisdem PDF Comppressor works as a PC-based PDF compressor that offers an excellent PDF compression service for users. To increase effectiveness, Cisdem PDF Compressor employs advanced PDF processing techniques that accelerate the downloading and compression processes. It also allows it to handle multiple PDF files at the same time. Users are then able to reduce the size of PDF files without having to do it all in one go.

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