How to Select the Right Vape Juice

September 16, 2022

If you anticipate a long stretch without any refills, you can stock up on juice ahead of time. However, the user must understand which liquids best fit for them, or they will be disappointed. Here are several factors to take into consideration when you purchase vape juice.

Compatibility With Your Vaporizer

Juul compatible pods work with the Juul device, so they are needed if you have one. Otherwise, your vaporizer’s attachment will not connect to the pods. Typically, the threading on attachments is the easiest way to distinguish them if you are uncertain.

If you are shopping at an in-person store, you can ask the retail associate for their advice. They can advise you which options will fit your device, minimizing headaches. 510-thread carts only connect with associated threading, so look for it carefully.

The Ratio of PG and VG

These two abbreviations are crucial to understanding if you are entering the vape community. PG stands for propylene glycol, a petroleum byproduct and a frequent addition to shampoos. Vegetable glycol is derived from vegetable oil and is found in soaps and deodorants.

Generally, if you spot a sticky residue left behind after vaping, it is the result of excess PG levels. Since it tends to be thinner, it can thicken the vape’s throat, enhancing the mouthfeel. On the other hand, many users report it can have an intense and robust flavor, so you may now want too much of it.

In contrast, vegetable glycol is responsible for clouds emitted by a vaporizer when it is in use. Furthermore, it is noticeably thicker than PG so it can leave behind a gunky residue. When you spot any gunk, clean it off immediately, or it can damage your equipment’s longevity. Moreover, this is described as a sweet taste, so it is common in fruity blends.

Each user will prefer a different ratio of these two compounds. Therefore, a little trial and error is recommended if you are unsure which to choose. Higher VG to PG ratios can be weaker than the opposite. Alternatively, you can use a stronger PG ratio to enhance overall flavors.

Desired Nicotine Level

After deciding the PG/VG ratio, it is time to select the ideal nicotine concentration. These vary from a low end of 6 mg/ml to a high of 18 mg/ml. First-time vapers should stick with the lower back until they have grown accustomed to the habit.

Extreme doses of nicotine can sicken people, making them nauseous. As a precaution, consider experimenting with some of the nicotine-free juice blends available.

Experts frequently suggest users begin with the lowest dose possible and work their way up until they find a dose that is comfortable for them. Nevertheless, the buyer must discover a desirable flavor before placing an order.

Preferred Flavor Profile

A juice’s flavor determines how it tastes, which impacts your perception drastically. If candies are your favorite thing in the world, search for a sweet-sounding option and give it a try. Fruit tones are also common, such as blueberry and raspberry.

In many cases, manufacturers allow their customers to blend unique combinations when ordering. Add a spritz of lemon to the traditional cotton candy blend and see what happens. Another awesome combo is when you mix vanilla and strawberry.

Orderers can pick up a blended assortment of flavors in a single box if lucky. Fortunately, these are becoming more widespread, so experimentation is more accessible.

Salt or Non-Salt Based Juices

As a whole, the vape market is subdivided into two broad communities. Non-salt vapes do not utilize salt-based nicotine, so their corresponding concentration levels decrease. In addition to lower nicotine concentrations, non-salt options burn at a lower temperature. 

Since adding salt to the blend can make it easier to burn, this is crucial. Do not mix salt-based juices with a non-salt device, or you could change your throat’s lining. You may also want to set your device’s temperature to the lowest point possible.

Selecting an Appropriate Vape Juice

Vape juices have quickly spread worldwide and replaced other tobacco sources for many. Since they possess so many advantages compared to cigarettes, it is easy to see why that happened. Now, anybody can experiment with their favorite flavor blends without investing much money.

Author Bio: Ethan More

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