Watch Out: How Fashion Brands Should Make These 10 Types of Videos Is Taking Over and What to Do About It

May 25, 2022
Fashion Brands

Whether you’re a fashion brand or a rising fashion entrepreneur looking to enter the industry, publishing fashion movies on video-centric sites such as Instagram, youtube, and TikTok can help you reach over a billion people, boost engagement, improve search engine rankings, and increase revenue. According to Style Shoot, 73 percent of customers who view your product videos on YouTube are more inclined to buy from you. 

However, coming up with amazing-style video ideas that can help you separate your channels from competitors is not easy. We’ve compiled a list of 10 fashion video concepts that you can easily create.

1. Make a Style Guide

In previous times, lookbooks were used to display a brand’s collection and illustrate how customers should wear clothes. However, since the advent of video, lookbooks have become more about piecing together outfits for various situations as people seek ideas for arranging their clothing styles. So, one of the very first fashion video ideas you should attempt is making an eye-catching video for your channel.

Check out stylish videos from prominent YouTube creators for some ideas. Next, use a video template to make a trendy video and add clips of your outfits. Then, add voiceover or text to explain the many elements you’ve used. 

2. Create a list of typical styling blunders

Individuals put a huge amount of care into their outfits, yet they can’t always pull off a trendy look because they commit fundamental style blunders. As a result, videos about common styling blunders often get a big audience and involvement, and you should include them in your content calendar.

More people connect with her material due to her in-depth explanation since they consider her the finest source of fashion guidance. 

3. Create style advice videos

People are always looking for new approaches to put together stylish outfits and generate a great personal style. So, to be noticed and increase your following, offer styling suggestions that will assist individuals in drastically enhancing their style. You can look into Youtube videos for some inspiration for generating style advice videos. The advice videos are actionable and may effortlessly help people look attractive and trendy. Edit the pre-listed templates in a video maker and create your videos.

4. Make instructional videos

Many people want to build their style but are confused about where to start or how to add different accessories and garments together to do so. 

As a result, you’ll see several inquiries on how to dress better, build a personal style, and so on.

To improve your channel’s SEO, increase view time, and enhance engagement, use these search keywords to produce a repeating series of “How-To” videos.

After you’ve finished researching, write a script containing the themes you’ll be discussing and film the video. To introduce yourself, you may also make a great intro video.

5. Redo celebrity looks

Many people prefer replicating celebrity attire because they are a wonderful way to stay stylish; however, these outfits may be rather costly. As a result, recreating famous looks with readily available apparel is one of the best and most famous fashion video ideas.

Put photographs of the real outfit and the costume you replicated side by side to a video template for fashion to make a video. Then, using the stickers and text options, add the name and price of each item of clothes you wore in the video. Finish the video with a call to action to join your YouTube channel.

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6. Use DIY videos to recycle outdated costumes

Recycling old costumes into more fashionable items has lately grown in popularity as a video concept since it allows individuals to produce unique things while encouraging sustainability. So, if you’re handy with a sewing machine, try posting DIYs for repurposing old costumes to boost your channel’s popularity.

Examine current trends and conduct a closet audit to determine which items you can upcycle for a DIY video. Then film your movie showing the precise instructions. Use text and audio to describe the steps and add transitions between them fully. Finish the video with a call to action that inspires viewers to watch more of your films and connect with you on social media.

7. Create video reviews

People are still cautious about purchasing online; therefore, they study online fashion reviews before buying. As a result, creating unbiased review videos might help you establish a reputation and appeal as a producer.

Use stock media and audio effects from the catalog to create a significant impact if you want to add some personality. 

Use an outro template below to link to similar reviews and urge visitors to subscribe to your channel once you’re happy with the video modifications.

8. Show your audience how to restyle their clothes

Although having a large collection, everyone has experienced the difficulty of not knowing what to dress, which is where restyling tutorials come in handy. They educate people on how to refresh their looks and put together new and stylish outfits that make them feel good with items they currently own.

Edit a specific template and include outfit photos and film illustrating how you designed the outfit to make a restyling movie. 

After that, add narration and text, and finish with a CTA that urges viewers to interact with your video.

9. Produce content based on requests from your followers

If you’re having difficulty generating new ideas for your fashion blog, start asking your followers for suggestions. 

The nice thing is that creating these videos will increase the number of views on your channel because your subscribers already have suggested them.

10. Video your reactions

Unrehearsed reaction videos are essential for enabling fans to watch their favorite creators’ actual reactions. So, if you’re not camera-shy and have strong fashion opinions, producing response films will be fun for you. They’re also simple to produce because you don’t have to spend more time planning out your entire speech.


Video marketing campaign is growing and flourishing your fashion brand, and video content are like catalysts amidst other business approaches that you follow. Hope these ideas help you generate your fashion videos.

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