Designer Crop Tops & Dresses are Taking Over: Check How

October 5, 2022

Gone are the days, when fashion often came at the cost of discomfort. Celebrities and biggest influencers now advocate comfort and ease over any dominant trend to flaunt personal style statements. 

One piece Dresses and Crop Tops make you own fashion with comfort like no other outfit. Easy and quick to wear dresses, with a dreamy flow add to the breezy and airy look. 

If you do not have qualms over baring your midriff, then loose fit, sleeveless, half -sleeve and full-sleeve crop tops are your thing. 

Dresses and crop tops do not consume a lot of your prep time and can complement your look at any formal, casual or even festive occasion, depending on the fabric, and cut you choose.

. Designer Crop Tops 

Designer crop tops are now taking over the trend as they can be paired with both western and traditional bottoms of a fascinating range. Puff sleeves, bandeau crop tops, spaghetti crop tops, halterneck and off-shoulder crop tops look stylish with high waist jeans, palazzos, bell bottom pants, knee-length and ankle length skirts. For a bit of formal wear, crop tops can be paired with formal pencil skirts with a blazer, Midi skirts with crop tops is a dream date night attire to get flattering attention.  

Crop tops with rugged denim shorts, short wrappers, layered skirts are the ultimate comfort wear for hanging out with friends. 

Cotton, silk, satin, georgette traditional crop tops with ghararas, lahenga, and sharara lend a chic and boho feel to the entire ensemble. Crop tops with Saree are sure to lend you a captivating look!

. Designer Dresses

Dresses are for complementing and flaunting different body types with flexibility and grace. The cuts, lengths and layers of this one-piece attire bring out the curves and edges of different body types with utmost prominence and grace. There is an exhausting list for different types of dresses. A-line dresses bring out the fashionista in you in your workplaces. Bodycon dresses are elegant and bold-perfect for a romantic date night or even celebrity parties. For formal and casual occasions, Wrap dresses are the best picks to own your comfort and fashion game. 

Dresses in cotton handloom materials are in vogue these days. Combining western cuts into ethnic colours and materials is a great way to honour the cottage industry with a global outlook.

Silk, Satin, Georgette, Tissue dresses with elaborate flow and embellished embroidery works are now sometimes preferred over lahenga or gharara in traditional festive occasions. 

. Style Tips

Cool geometric earring, danglers, hoops, ear spike or even drop earrings complete a designer crop top and dress look. For off  shoulder designer crop tops or dresses, pair the outfit with elegant boho neckpieces, and chokers to show off your gorgeous shoulders in full glory. 

Looking for a perfect place to find the perfect wear for you amongst such mind-boggling range of choices? Check out online stores like Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, Tata Cliq Luxury, and others for the best Midi dresses by Kalighata, and some really cool printed dresses by Scarlet Sage, and The Terra Tribe. Find the best collection of designer crop tops by Label Sugar, Wendell Rodricks and Aseem Kapoor.

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