Buying Guide Frozen Yogurt Machine

July 6, 2022

When beginning a frozen yogurt shop, one of the first and maximum important purchases is a frozen yogurt maker. Depending on your shop concept, self-carrier or traditional, you can want more than one machine.

1. Should you purchase a used frozen yogurt maker?

Great care must be taken while shopping for used frozen yogurt machine as maximum have an expected lifespan of around 12 years. Many used machines are approaching or exceeding their life expectancy. This can lead to costly maintenance and eventually replacements. It’s additionally tough to discover a matching machine in case you need to shop for more than one machine.

2. Gravity or pressure feeding

Gravity feeders are first-rate for franchisees that want an easy and easy-to-use machine. Independent restaurant or shop owners pick strain feeders due to the fact they’re extra power green and bring a bigger product blend. Gravity machines tend to be cheaper, even as pressurized machines are extra costly.

For example: a brand new pressurized machine can variety from $160,000 to $20,000, even as a ultra-modern gravity-fed machine can variety from $13 to $19,000. We had been able to promote machines very near new for much less than half of those prices.

3. Meet with the supplier

Seeing the equipment in person offers you a feel of the first-rate and offers you the possibility to check the machines to look at how they work. Dealers frequently reveal the machine so that you can see a way to use it and flavor the very last product. It’s additionally beneficial because you could check the form of frozen yogurt mix they use.

4. Ask approximately carrier and warranty

When shopping for costly gadgets, it’s miles important to make certain your peace of mind. Learn about the varieties of services and warranties your supplier offers. It may be beneficial to discover a supplier in your area on the way to easily restore your equipment must you ever have a problem.

5. Choose the proper length, frozen yogurt maker

When you purchase a frozen yogurt maker, you’ve got the selection of a countertop or ground-status version. In maximum cases, the countertop version isn’t always enough, as it’s miles appropriate for eating places or cafes that don’t serve massive portions of frozen yogurt. If your most important product is frozen yogurt, you maximum probable want a ground version.

With all of the brands, options, and technology available, selecting the proper machine for your shop may be overwhelming. Take the time to investigate the numerous machines in extraordinary rate stages to look which one is first-rate to your wishes.

How many machines must I purchase?

Based on the scale of your shop, your spending budget, and projected annual income, it’s going to assist decide on what number of frozen yogurt makers you must purchase. The amount is probably 1-10 machines, however, extra machines do not suggest larger profits. A good difficult estimate is that a small ice cream save wishes approximately three machines, even as a small restaurant seeking to add ice cream as a further sales movement to complement its most important sales needs 1 machine.

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