Trolls 3 Release Date Revealed!

May 16, 2024


Fans of the popular Trolls animated movie franchise have been eagerly anticipating the release of Trolls 3, the next installment in the series. With the release date finally revealed, excitement is building as audiences prepare to join their favorite characters on another musical and colorful adventure. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into all the information available about Trolls 3, including the release date, cast details, plot predictions, and more.

Release Date and Production Updates

After much anticipation and speculation, DreamWorks Animation has officially announced the release date for Trolls 3. The third installment of the beloved franchise is set to hit theaters on December 20, 2023. Fans can mark their calendars and prepare for another joyous and entertaining journey with Poppy, Branch, and the rest of the Trolls gang.

The production of Trolls 3 is already in full swing, with the creative team working diligently to bring another dazzling and engaging story to life. Director Walt Dohrn, who helmed the previous installments, is back at the helm, ensuring continuity and consistency in the Trolls universe. The talented voice cast, including Anna Kendrick as Poppy and Justin Timberlake as Branch, is also expected to reprise their roles, bringing their infectious energy and charm to the new film.

Plot Speculations and Storyline

While specific details about the plot of Trolls 3 have been kept under wraps to prevent spoilers, there is much speculation about where the story might take our colorful heroes next. The Trolls franchise is known for its themes of friendship, music, and adventure, so fans can expect another heartwarming and musically-driven tale in the upcoming installment.

One prevailing theory is that Trolls 3 will explore new worlds beyond the familiar Troll kingdoms, introducing new characters, challenges, and songs along the way. The filmmakers have hinted at expanding the Trolls universe and delving deeper into the mythology and history of the Trolls, promising an exciting and enriching experience for viewers of all ages.

Returning Favorites and New Characters

In addition to the core cast members reprising their roles, Trolls 3 is expected to introduce new characters to the franchise, adding fresh dynamics and personalities to the ensemble. While details about the new characters remain scarce, fans can look forward to meeting colorful additions to the Trolls family and witnessing the interactions and bonds that will undoubtedly form throughout the course of the film.

Of course, fan-favorite characters such as Biggie, Cooper, and Guy Diamond are expected to make a return, bringing their unique quirks and humor to the story. The beloved camaraderie and camaraderie among the Trolls are at the heart of the franchise, and viewers can anticipate more hilarious and heartwarming moments in the upcoming movie.

Musical Numbers and Soundtrack

One of the defining features of the Trolls movies is their catchy and upbeat musical numbers, which have become synonymous with the franchise. Trolls 3 is sure to deliver another stellar soundtrack, filled with original songs and covers that will have audiences singing and dancing in their seats.

With Justin Timberlake serving as an executive music producer for the film, fans can expect a diverse and vibrant range of musical styles and genres that reflect the colorful and eclectic world of the Trolls. Whether it’s pop, rock, funk, or disco, the soundtrack of Trolls 3 is bound to be a hit with listeners of all tastes.


As the release date for Trolls 3 approaches, excitement continues to mount among fans who are eager to reunite with their favorite characters and embark on a new adventure in the Trolls universe. With a star-studded cast, a talented creative team, and a proven track record of delivering heartwarming and entertaining stories, Trolls 3 is poised to be another blockbuster success that will enchant audiences of all ages.

Stay tuned for more updates, trailers, and sneak peeks as the release date draws nearer, and get ready to let the music and magic of Trolls 3 sweep you off your feet once again.


  1. Will the main voice cast from the previous Trolls movies return for Trolls 3?

Yes, it is expected that key cast members like Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake will reprise their roles in Trolls 3.

  1. What age group is the Trolls movie franchise targeted towards?

The Trolls movies are designed to appeal to a broad audience, including children and adults who enjoy colorful animations and musical storytelling.

  1. Are there any spin-off projects or TV series related to the Trolls franchise?

Yes, the Trolls franchise has expanded to include spin-off TV series such as “Trolls: The Beat Goes On!” and “Trolls: TrollsTopia.”

  1. How long is the average runtime of a Trolls movie?

The previous Trolls movies have had an average runtime of around 90-100 minutes, making them ideal for a fun and lighthearted movie experience.

  1. Will there be new original songs featured in Trolls 3?

Yes, Trolls 3 is expected to feature a new soundtrack with original songs and covers that capture the spirit of the Trolls universe.

  1. What themes can we expect Trolls 3 to explore?

Trolls 3 is likely to continue exploring themes of friendship, adventure, and the power of music, while potentially introducing new worlds and challenges for the characters.

  1. Is there a possibility of a Trolls 4 in the future?

While no official announcements have been made regarding Trolls 4, the success of the franchise makes it a strong possibility that more sequels or spin-offs could be in the works.

  1. Will there be a return of the Bergens as the villains in Trolls 3?

While details about the antagonists in Trolls 3 remain undisclosed, it is possible that the Bergens or new adversaries may pose a threat to the Trolls’ happiness and harmony.

  1. Are there any promotional events or tie-ins planned for Trolls 3’s release?

DreamWorks Animation might organize promotional events, partnerships with brands, and tie-in merchandise to build excitement and anticipation for Trolls 3’s release.

  1. How has the animation style evolved from the first Trolls movie to Trolls 3?

Over the course of the Trolls movie franchise, advancements in animation technology have likely enhanced the visual quality and aesthetic appeal of the films, creating a more immersive and vibrant viewing experience for audiences.

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