RCB vs RR Match Scorecard Highlights

June 1, 2024

The recent clash between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Rajasthan Royals (RR) was an absolute thriller, leaving fans at the edge of their seats till the very end. Let’s delve into the match scorecard highlights and re-live the key moments that made this encounter so unforgettable.

Match Overview

The battle between RCB and RR unfolded at the iconic Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore. Both teams, brimming with top-tier talent, were determined to outshine each other and claim victory. The toss favored RR, who elected to bat first, setting the stage for an enthralling showdown.

RR Innings

  • RR Innings Total: Rajasthan Royals managed to score a competitive 175 runs for the loss of 6 wickets in their allotted 20 overs.
  • Standout Batsmen:
  • Sanju Samson: The flamboyant batsman showcased his prowess with a stellar knock of 65 runs off 41 balls.
  • Jos Buttler: The dynamic Englishman provided solid support with a quickfire 35 runs off 22 deliveries.
  • Key Bowlers:
  • Yuzvendra Chahal: RCB’s spin maestro was in top form, finishing with impressive figures of 3 wickets for 24 runs.
  • Navdeep Saini: The young pacer also made an impact, scalping 2 crucial wickets.

RCB Innings

  • RCB Innings Total: In response, Royal Challengers Bangalore chased down the target with 2 balls to spare, reaching 177 runs for the loss of 5 wickets.
  • Standout Batsmen:
  • AB de Villiers: The South African maestro turned the tide with a stunning unbeaten knock of 55 runs off just 22 balls.
  • Virat Kohli: The RCB captain led from the front, anchoring the innings with a vital 32 runs.
  • Key Bowlers:
  • Jofra Archer: Despite RR’s loss, Archer’s fiery spell stood out as he claimed 3 wickets.
  • Shreyas Gopal: The leg-spinner contributed with a crucial scalp in the tense final overs.

Nail-Biting Finish

The match culminated in a nail-biting finish as RCB’s lower order held their nerve to secure a heart-stopping victory. The electrifying atmosphere in the stadium and the sheer determination on display from both teams added to the spectacle of this contest.

Player of the Match

Undoubtedly, AB de Villiers was rightfully awarded the Player of the Match for his scintillating innings that turned the game on its head and guided RCB to a remarkable win.


In essence, the RCB vs RR clash was a roller-coaster ride of emotions, showcasing the unpredictability and excitement that define T20 cricket. The match scorecard highlights serve as a testament to the skill, tenacity, and thrill that the IPL brings to cricket fans worldwide.


  1. What was the turning point of the RCB vs RR match?
  2. The turning point of the match was AB de Villiers’ explosive innings, which shifted the momentum in RCB’s favor.

  3. Which bowler made the most impact in the RCB vs RR encounter?

  4. Jofra Archer from Rajasthan Royals made a significant impact with his crucial wickets.

  5. How did Virat Kohli contribute to RCB’s victory in the match?

  6. Virat Kohli played a captain’s innings, stabilizing the chase with a crucial 32 runs.

  7. Who were the top performers from Rajasthan Royals in the match?

  8. Sanju Samson and Jos Buttler stood out as the top performers with their impressive batting display.

  9. What made the RCB vs RR match a must-watch for cricket fans?

  10. The close contest, brilliant individual performances, and the thrilling finish made the match a must-watch for cricket fans.

  11. Were there any standout fielding moments in the match?

  12. Yes, there were several standout fielding moments, including stunning catches and agile fielding displays by both teams.

  13. How did the crowd react to the RCB vs RR match result?

  14. The crowd was electrified by the thrilling finish, erupting in cheers and applause as RCB secured the win.

  15. Did the RCB vs RR match result impact the IPL points table standings?

  16. Yes, RCB’s victory in the match positively impacted their position on the IPL points table.

  17. Were there any contentious umpiring decisions in the RCB vs RR clash?

  18. While the match was largely free from controversial decisions, there were a few close calls that sparked debates among fans.

  19. What lessons can teams learn from the RCB vs RR match in terms of strategy and execution?

    • Teams can learn the importance of maintaining composure under pressure and the impact of individual brilliance in shaping the outcome of a match.

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