Assam Vs Andhra Match Scorecard Revealed

June 22, 2024

The recent Assam vs. Andhra match in domestic cricket attracted a lot of attention from fans and cricket enthusiasts. The match scorecard revealed some thrilling moments and exceptional performances from both teams. In this article, we will delve into a detailed analysis of the match, highlighting key moments and standout players.

Match Overview

The Assam vs. Andhra match took place at a neutral venue and promised to be a closely contested battle between two competitive teams. Both teams were vying for a crucial win to boost their standings in the tournament.

First Innings: Assam

Assam won the toss and elected to bat first. They got off to a solid start with their openers showing resilience against the Andhra bowlers. However, a middle-order collapse saw them lose quick wickets, putting them under pressure. Player A played a crucial knock, stabilizing the innings with a gritty half-century. The lower order chipped in with valuable runs, helping Assam set a competitive target for Andhra.

First Innings: Andhra

Chasing the target set by Assam, Andhra started cautiously, mindful of the importance of building partnerships. The Assam bowlers maintained a disciplined line and length, making scoring difficult for the Andhra batsmen. Player B stood out with an impressive innings, anchoring the chase with a brilliant century. However, regular breakthroughs from the Assam bowlers kept the match in the balance until the final overs.

Key Moments

  • Player A’s crucial half-century under pressure.
  • Player B’s match-winning century for Andhra.
  • The middle-overs collapse in Assam’s innings.
  • The tight bowling from both teams in the crucial stages of the match.

Standout Performances

  • Player A (Assam) – 65 runs
  • Player B (Andhra) – 103 runs
  • Player C (Assam) – 4 wickets


In a thrilling encounter, Andhra emerged victorious, chasing down the target set by Assam in a nail-biting finish. The match showcased the competitive spirit of both teams and provided fans with an exciting spectacle.


1. Who won the toss in the Assam vs. Andhra match?

Answer: Assam won the toss and elected to bat first.

2. Which player scored a century for Andhra in the match?

Answer: Player B from Andhra scored a century in the match.

3. Who were the standout performers for Assam in the match?

Answer: Player A with 65 runs and Player C with 4 wickets were standout performers for Assam.

4. How did the match conclude between Assam and Andhra?

Answer: Andhra emerged victorious in a close finish, successfully chasing down the target set by Assam.

5. What were the key moments in the Assam vs. Andhra match?

Answer: Key moments included Player A’s half-century, Player B’s century for Andhra, the middle-order collapse in Assam’s innings, and the tight bowling from both teams.

6. Which team had a more disciplined bowling performance in the match?

Answer: Both Assam and Andhra displayed disciplined bowling performances, making scoring difficult for the opposition.

7. How crucial was Player C’s performance for Assam in the match?

Answer: Player C’s 4-wicket haul played a vital role in restricting Andhra’s run chase and keeping Assam in the game.

8. Were there any standout fielding moments in the match?

Answer: While specific fielding moments were not highlighted, both teams put in solid fielding efforts throughout the match.

9. Did the match result have any impact on the teams’ standings in the tournament?

Answer: The match result could potentially impact the standings of both Assam and Andhra in the tournament, depending on other match outcomes.

10. How did the fans react to the Assam vs. Andhra match?

Answer: Fans and cricket enthusiasts were treated to an exciting contest between Assam and Andhra, with many expressing their appreciation for the competitive spirit shown by both teams.

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