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April 20, 2021

In the time it took me to write this essay, the cat decided to go back to his usual routine of licking his butt. I’m sorry you had to endure that, but in the grand scheme of things, I’m not really that bothered. Sure, I’ll use a cat dish in my kitchen, maybe I’ll even have a cat in my house. But it’s really no big deal.

I think it’s safe to say that cat fans have a lot of things they can do with their pet besides pet it. They can pet it, they can let it jump up on them, they can play with it, they can cuddle it. But a cat? Not so much. I know the cat was made to be a pet but its just kind of a nuisance.

Yes, it is weird that a cat might be a pet, but cats don’t really have a lot of personality; they’ve always been a little bland. I mean they certainly have personalities, but they’re very passive. You can pet a cat a lot, but you can’t really get into it. I know, I’m a cat lover, but that doesn’t mean I’m into cats.

The cat is a perfect example of how a cat has no personality. A cat is a pet, a pet that you can pet, a pet that you can cuddle, and a pet that you can play with. But it doesnt have a personality. Thats why a cat is such a nuisance. It just sits there and does nothing.

Well that is probably because cats are so lazy, so passive, and so bored. They just sit on their front paws and stare at you. But when I’m petting or cuddling with a cat, I notice that they are interested in what I am doing and do get my attention. Maybe it’s because they have a natural ability to notice things in the world around them.

Well if you can sit and do nothing, you can probably talk to it. If you can speak, you can probably do something useful with it.

That’s not to say cats can’t be useful. Cats are great communicators and can even learn to do tricks, they just don’t use them as a means of communication.

If you want to know anything about cats, I’d suggest looking at the movies. The first one is called the ‘The Art of Catty.’ It shows a cat having a cat as a pet and it would not be unusual for a cat to have a cat that is too young or is too old, no matter the age, to have a cat. And the second one is called the ‘The Art of Catty.

The first one is my favorite because it shows cats as pets with no strings attached. These cats never do anything bad. These cats can never do anything bad. The second one is my favorite because the cat is a cat. These cats are always trying to be friends with the cat to be a cat and never ever do anything bad.

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