August 20, 2022


Crunchyroll Vs Funimation 2022: 2016 Anime Available

One way to enjoy Valentine’s Day, on a tight budget . . . or for a relaxing, loving, stay-at-home night, purchase a bottle of your ladies’ favorite wine, a couple pieces of dark chocolate to snack on, dim the lights and enjoy a romantic flick! By the way, you can buy twitch follower at SteamOZ. 

First, let me start with URBAN COWBOY, (1980), starring John Travolta and Debra Winger. Now, c’mon ladies,how can you resist a hot, sexy cowboy named Bud (especially a young John Travolta) who comes to Texas to live with his Aunt and Uncle looking for work and a hot time (who can forget the “menage ‘a trois” when Bud first hits town) and ends up falling in love with a young, feisty and adorably sexy Sissy (Debra Winger)? The guys relate to the hardworking, fist-fighting, construction guy and the ladies connect with falling for the sexy cowboy and “true love”. . . aahhhh “looking for love in all the wrong places” . . .

Next is a movie that connects with those of us with children. FAMILY MAN, (2000), starring Nicholas Cage and Tea Leoni is a story about a wealthy, arrogant man who thinks he has it all and is magically sentenced to a different life by none other than Don Cheadle. This is a touching story about family life and lost loves. My hubby is a dedicated “family man” who totally identified and loved this movie, while I, as a woman, was touched by the connection Nicholas Cage feels with this woman and wants to keep.

ROMANCING THE STONE, (1984), starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner is one of my all time, can watch over and over, ultimate FAVORITE movies!!!! This is about a fictional, love story writing novelist, Joan Wilder (Kathleen Turner), who, by unfortunate circumstances, ends up on an adventure of a lifetime when she meets up with her fictional hero, come-to-life Jack (Michael Douglas). And ladies, Michael Douglas never looked hotter!!! The guys love the action/adventure involving Danny Devito as one of the bad guys, not too mention the hot “mud slide” scene and the ride in the little “blue mule”! The most memorable scene is when Jack and Joan arrive in the main town, “clean up”, meet for dinner and Jack talks a shy (but not for long!), Joan into dancing – and what happens is such a romantic, breathtaking scene . . . oh my God, you absolutely “feel” the moment they fall in love . . .

Onward to . . . JERRY MAGUIRE!!! (1996) starring Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger. First of all, Tom Cruise is hilarious as the sports agent, who is suddenly looking for a job and stuck with one client, Cuba Gooding, Jr. and his dedicated, single mom secretary, played by Renne Zellweger.

The scenes between Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding are priceless – SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!! need I say more?!!! This love story is subtle, but yet realistic – two people growing apart, but yet still in love. And the sub-love story with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Regina King is so touching too! For me, it’s not the famous “You complete me” line that got me, it was “you had me at hello – you had me at hello” that brought me to tears! As far as guys loving it, this movie involves football, comedy and that crazy little thing called “love”! and ladies – how ’bout being in love with that special guy who “had you at ‘hello’”?


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