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February 2, 2021

This is a list that includes things I wear that I have not worn all summer. It is also a list that includes my favorite outfit(s) I have gotten compliments on, things I am most proud of.

I am obsessed with twigs. I know the word twig is not in the title because I’m sure a lot of you are too. The word twig also means “twiggy” in Welsh, which is a language that I cannot speak. To me, twigs are just a great fashion accessory. My favorite twigs, like the ones that I wear to work out, are actually two different things.

Twigs are small bonsai trees that grow in the forest, not in the city. Bonsai is the Japanese word for “twig.” Twigs are also the Japanese way of saying “to carry a long stick,” which means “to carry a long pole,” which means “to carry something long.

The only twig I have in the world is the one that I wear to work out.

It’s hard to say what makes twigs so great, but they have certain qualities that make them feel warm, secure, and comforting. They are small, they don’t grow in the city, and they have a specific purpose.

Twigs are the Japanese way of saying that you can’t just walk by a twig and it will make a sound. It’s not a very good sound, but it’s the sound of a twig. Twigs are a great way to keep yourself warm. They are also great for hiding in.

I’m one of those people who only wears clothes that I wear to work out. This is because I work out in the gym and not the regular place. Usually, I go to the gym to do some body building or strength training, but when I’m at the gym I can never seem to stay warm. I’m either sweating too much or too slowly. I think it’s because I’m not wearing a twig.

Twigs can be great for keeping yourself warm. They can also be extremely useful as an indoor security measure as well. Unlike many things in the world, they are actually alive and that makes them a great place to hide.

fka twigs are the new black in the ’90s. They’re basically a black faux fur that has been dipped in black ink. The ink is usually colored black though, and the twigs are made out of the ink. They’re popular because they look nice and can be used as a fashion accessory, but they can also be very dangerous.

The idea of fka twigs is that they look like real fur, but it is dyed black and then coated in black ink. When the paper is unfolded the ink will run on the paper, making the fur appear real. To make fka twigs a little harder to see, the ink is usually printed on a black background, making it look like it would be on top of fur.

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