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January 23, 2021

“I’m thinking about what I’m going to wear today. What’s going to look good?” This seems to be the typical response to any designer’s query.

If you don’t know what Im going to wear, then it’s probably not going to look good, and you might as well make it look good too. However, if we are talking about designing clothing, then you will have to wear clothes. Clothing is the single biggest decision that comes along with wearing clothes. So as a designer, you really have to know what you are going to put together.

This is part of the reason why I love fashion. Because so much of it is so personal, so unique, and so much of it comes down to the individual designer. What’s yours and what’s mine. Like anything else, clothes are just the result of a lot of really creative work. So it’s really important to know how you will wear things so that you dont make the same mistakes over and over.

It’s hard to know what to put on that red scarf that you love because the scarf is your favorite color and you like the colors it comes in. Then you get to wear it every day and suddenly its the same color but not the same as your favorite scarf. Then you get to wear it all the time and suddenly its your favorite color again and you have to fight it. So you really need to think about your outfits and know what you want to wear and what you don’t.

For those of you who say “I love that scarf and I always wear it.” Please, take a moment to think about that. If you are a designer, you are in the business of making your customers happy. Your customer’s happiness is everything. You want their clothes to look good, to be comfortable, to feel good, and they will gladly pay for that with their hard earned dollars.

We all have different ways of getting dressed. Some people work from home every day, some work from home every night, some work from home every weekend, but all of us want to look good when we go out and be comfortable when we get home. You have to get your creative juices flowing all the time.

You know, I think that one of the reasons that Marc’s brand of style is so unique is because he lives in a world where being a good dresser is important. There’s no need for a fancy dresser to have a nice dress on. That’s what makes it so unique.

I think this is an easy thing to forget when you are just starting out, that you have to keep your creativity fresh and open to new ideas every day. This is why I love Marcs brand of fashion. It reminds me to pick up a new pair of shoes and keep them on my feet for a while. You dont need to be the best designer to be a great dresser. And its really important that you start with a simple look and then add a bit of your own creativity.

People have been known to make the mistake of thinking they know what makes a good dress when they really don’t. For example, while I love a classic black dress it can be very hard to get it right if you are starting out, because one style can be very similar to another. So if you’re feeling lost, it might be worth looking into a few different dresses just to make sure you’re on the right track and not just going with one style.

Of course, it might also be worth going with a slightly different style because there are some styles that just dont work for you. For example, the first pair of shoes I made with my shoeshine, which I still think are the best I’ve ever made, came in a pair of black pumps. With my own style I would probably have gone for a more relaxed pair of pumps like the ones I would wear to work.

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