Discover Your Fun Side with Designer Co-ord Sets and Playsuits for Women

November 12, 2022

Between our intensely busy schedules, we often don’t have the time to coordinate the perfect attire for a quick lunch or getaway with friends. Sometimes, the conventional top and pants too become boring. For such occasions, ladies, you can keep a couple of co-ord sets and playsuits handy in your wardrobe, and look trendy and cool on the spot.

Co-ord sets are top and bottom ensembles that come in different cuts, flares, and sometimes accompanied by a cape or overlay. Playsuits are short, knee-length jumpsuits — one-piece attire with or without sleeves.

Co-ord Sets

We don’t always feel inspired enough to customise our outfit with the perfectly contrasting or colour-blended top and bottom separates. Co-ord sets then save us the time and energy invested in getting ready.

Designer co-ord sets are super comfortable and make for the perfect outfits on quick hangout sessions, evening gatherings or vacation trips. It all depends on what type of sleeves and bottoms you have in mind while choosing the perfect co-ord sets for a casual or a formal event.

For an androgynous look, you can pick western co-ord sets, for example, a shirt with knee-length or full-length trouser pants and scarfs look extremely smart and bold. Designers have come up with interesting ideas while conceptualising traditional co-ord sets too. For instance, embroidered kurta and pant sets with capes, jackets and waistbands look fashionable and chic at parties and evening soirees.


As the name suggests, playsuits are playful and super comfortable outfits. Perfect for trips to the beach, lakeside parties, weekend outings and casual family gatherings, rompers and playsuits for women come in stunning designs, bohemian colour schemes, and silhouettes that complement your figure irrespective of whether it’s apple shape, pear shape or hourglass figure.

Cotton and linen playsuits are perfect fabrics for summer days and evenings, while ruffled sleeves, broad belts, and lace or crochet detailing add extra panache. There are also chic satin, georgette and chiffon rompers.

For cocktail parties in the evening, you can go for both Western and fusion styles. If you feel your LBD is overdone, go for the more comfortable option of a black off-shoulder romper, a sequin embellished playsuit, or even indigo tencel and denim playsuits. 

Style Tips

To choose the right footwear for your co-ord set, keep in mind the length and layers of the bottom of the outfit. For a flared or bell-bottom co-ord set, you can go for heels; for a shorter length of trousers, you can choose closed shoes, pumps and sandals as well.

For parties, pointed pumps with high heels with a black off-shoulder playsuit are sure to make you stand out in the crowd. On casual occasions, playsuits can be paired with sandals, closed pumps and flip flops too. While co-ords have versatile styles for different seasons, playsuits aren’t necessarily a summer thing as they can be paired with the right tights and jackets for a cool winter look.

Designer labels like Shivani Nirupam, Shivan and Narresh, Deepika Arora, and Tara and I are among creators of stunning Indian playsuit collections. For co-ord sets, you can look for Nochee Vida and Simply Simone’s designs. A wide range of such styles is available on Nykaa Fashion, Tata CliQ Luxury, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop and Ajio Luxe.

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