Apps V/s Websites: Why is The Former Better?

August 29, 2022

The biggest app stores in the world are the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The former boasts 2.2+ million apps, and the latter boasts 3.5+ million apps. When it comes to applications, users will never be left hanging because new apps are released and added to these app stores every day. There must be a reason why so many applications are being designed and released daily. 

In this guide, you will learn how apps are better than websites. Businesses are willing to invest money in creating apps, not just websites. Moreover, businesses are going a step forward and converting websites into apps. If you wonder how to make a website an app, you can use tools like Automator. Install and launch Automator > click New Document > Workflow > navigate to the Internet > get specified URLs > replace the address with the URL you wish to make an application out of > add the website popup action and personalize its settings for your new application > hit run when you are ready. 

Let’s look at the benefits of apps over websites. 

. Better speed 

Mobile applications are much faster than websites. It is so much quicker to access apps, and they open rapidly. Typically, they are about 1.5 times faster than websites. It is so much easier to click around and navigate to the menus when you want to access the apps. 

The reason why mobile applications are faster is that they run on frameworks and functions.

. Get instant access 

Users can instantly access applications with the click of a button. You will get instant gratification as you can access the app after clicking on the app icon on your phone. Furthermore, apps can be accessed both online and offline. Unfortunately, websites can be accessed only when connected to the Internet. However, specific actions like receiving push notifications or making payments on the app would require you to be online. 

. Fantastic branding opportunities 

A mobile application is separate from a website; therefore, it can boost your branding campaigns considerably. You can experiment with various styles when designing an app for your brand. If your current business website is not offering your customers enough value, you can create a mobile app to engage with your target audience. You can provide them with more value through the app and help your brand stand out from the rest. 

Thanks to the app, you can provide your target audience with a customized experience, and they will receive personalized content based on their set preferences, likes and dislikes. 

Even when your customers are not using your application, they will think of your brand by looking at the app icon on their phone. Therefore, your company will always be in the back of their minds. The app icon will always serve as an advertisement and remind your customers what you are offering. 

. Push notifications 

Instant notifications can be sent to your app users if they opt to receive notifications. Thanks to push notifications, you can send users information about anything. For instance, you can let them know of discounts coming up or create a countdown to an event. You can also send them daily reminders about using the app or keep them engaged by sending daily quotes. With push notifications, you can get as creative as you want. 

. SEO benefits 

While SEO or search engine optimization is constantly changing and evolving, understanding every detail is the best way to stay ahead of the competition. You can enhance your website’s SEO by creating an application for your brand. Ensure the content on the website is the same as on your mobile application so your users and Google can rank the content. Also, it will work wonders if you can modify the content on the website and the app to appear similar. 

. Augmented engagement 

An immersive experience can be provided to your users if they can do things with a click. Engagement features like this will enhance your conversions with your users and increase revenue. Also, it will make it easier for your users to keep in touch with your brand. 

. Reduced cost 

As a business owner, you would want to save money. One of the significant advantages of mobile applications is decreasing marketing costs with proper application development. If you can communicate directly with your employees and customers, you can reduce the marketing and advertising budget. The application will enable more communication between your customers, your brand, vendors, and employees. There will be one app for accessing all your business information. Hence, productivity will increase, and your business will be significantly benefited. 

So, this is why every business must consider investing in app development. However, this does not mean the importance of the website is completely lost. You can create both to keep your audience engaged.

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