70s fashion for kids

March 22, 2021

From the moment my daughter was born, I couldn’t get her out of my hair. Her little hands and feet were always wrapped around my legs and I couldn’t get enough of them. This past summer, I got to bring the 70s back with my daughter – she was wearing some of her favorite outfits from this time in her life.

The 70s were an era of great fashion, beauty, and style. Unfortunately, the 70s in particular were a time when fashion died. The 70s were a time where fashion became a commodity and it was sold to the public in mass quantities. So you had a lot of people trying to make the right first impression on you. You had lots of people trying to make you look like the perfect, perfect first impression.

That was the point of the 70s. People wanted to make the right first impression on you, and the right first impression they made was the one that looked the best. For the most part, that went along with the best of fashion. However, there’s a certain kind of fashion that is just plain awful. That kind of fashion just looks like the worst thing in the world.

The 70s, of course, was a time of all things 70s. We had lots of teen fashion. But there were a lot of 80s styles that we didn’t get to see a lot of, and that was okay. People would be wearing 70s style clothes, and we would be wearing 80s style clothes. But then 80s style fashion would pop out and make its mark. So we had to make our mark that way.

Yeah I was pretty pleased with that part. When I’m looking at the 80s style photos, I think about the 80s fashion photos I would look like when I was really young. It’s like a time capsule of what I would look like in my 40s. So I was happy to see 80s style photos of my own.

I love the 80s style photos of kids because they are so 80s. Kids in 80s style photos are always wearing hats, sunglasses, and sunglasses with sunglasses. They are always wearing shirts with shirts with shirts. And 70s style photos of kids always look so much like I do. Because I grew up in the 1970s. I grew up in the 1970s. So in a lot of the photo, I looked like I did then.

Here are a few other photos of kids in 1970s style.

In the 70s I wore plaid shirts and plaid pants. In the 80s I wore plaid shirts and plaid pants. And in the 90s I wore plaid shirts and plaid pants. Oh and I also have a plaid jacket.

I could go on and on about why we get so excited about 70s style. Maybe if I talk about it too much it will just become an obsession. But I’ll say it one last time — the 70s were a time of great fashion.

Of course, this time the fashion looks dated. I’ve seen plenty of 70s-style photos on the internet and I can’t really pick out any specific styles that are all that great, but I do like the “frocks” style that the kid in the photo in our video is wearing. And also the “moccasin” style the kid in the photo in our video is wearing.


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